About ME


First off, my name is pronounced “tee”—it’s okay, you’re not the first to ask!
I’m an independent Creative Director and Designer currently based in Boston, with West Coast roots (Cali represent!). I love tackling projects from brand identities to murals, packaging to apparel graphics, or anything in between. It’s a joy to create unique and thoughtful brands. My holistic approach not only ensures a beautiful end-product but one that is intentional, delightful and smart.

I’m also a published author! In 2017, with the Quarto Group, I published Hand Lettering: Creative Alphabets for Any Occasion.

Other places you can find me or my work
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My Tribes
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+ More Than A Riot, group exhibition / Arnold Worldwide / 2018
+ DesignArts Utah Exhibition, curated by Ellen Lupton / 2014 / Dare to Wonder Mural
+ Design of the Devil's Hand / The Mandate Press / 2013
+ Prints of Prince / Copper Palate Press / 2013
+ Ghost in the Machine / The Mandate Press / 2012