Portrait by  Chelsea Scanlan

Portrait by Chelsea Scanlan

About ME


First off, my name is pronounced “tee”—it’s okay, you’re not the first to ask!
I’m a Creative Director and Designer currently based in Boston, but have West Coast roots (Cali represent!). I love tackling projects from brand identities to murals, packaging to apparel graphics, or anything in between. It’s a joy to create unique and thoughtful brands. My holistic approach not only ensures a beautiful end-product but one that is intentional, delightful and smart.

I’m also a published author! In 2017, with the Quarto Group, I published Hand Lettering: Creative Alphabets for Any Occasion.

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+ More Than A Riot, group exhibition / Arnold Worldwide / 2018
+ DesignArts Utah Exhibition, curated by Ellen Lupton / 2014 / Dare to Wonder Mural
+ Design of the Devil's Hand / The Mandate Press / 2013
+ Prints of Prince / Copper Palate Press / 2013
+ Ghost in the Machine / The Mandate Press / 2012